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We design and test every nail art stamping plate carefully to get the best possible results, the most beautiful patterns on your nails. The collection is constantly developing and expanding, we get inspiration from different kinds of things. As a real web 2.0 enterprise we always use the ideas of our friends and Facebook friends, as you can see on the plate Wishes that has already been upgraded to 2nd edition.

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Collection Summer of 2014 – don’t let the great season get away!

NEW! Aloha  – it is the symbol of hello and goodbye, it also means love and affection – all in Hawaii that all of us think is a place of never ending summer. Aloha plate captures it all.


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NEW! Golden Russian – is made by using the motif of eastern culture, traditional patterns from the great far Russian land.

Golden Russian

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NEW! Oh Nom Nom – it is all about tummy – based on a Hungarian word that means ‘Yummy’. Strawberry, banana, pretzel, ice cream or a Martini would you like? Just choose!

Oh NomNom

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NEW! Oorie – it comes from Hungarian traditions, patterns of the beautiful history of embroidery, which is a great source of inspiration. The name Oorie is originated from the Hungarian word ‘úri’ which is pronounced ‘oorie’ and signs a type of embroidery from the 12-14th centuries.


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NEW! Puzzles – it was inspired by games, puzzle, labyrinth, crosswords – putting all miseries onto your nails.


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NEW! Seven Sins –  is about things that inspire us all, do it right or wrong, we are always dodging these – Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride. Completed by symbols of Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Seven Sins

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NEW! Summerics –  is full of summer, from palm to sunglasses, you can find everything on the plate, even your footprints in the sand. Do not ‘vamos a la playa’ without these on your nails.


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NEW! Tu-Turkey-Key – Tu-Turkey-Key has traditional Turkish patterns from the awesome folk art of Turkey. The name? Well, it is a reference to beloved sitcom How I Met Your Mother because it was funny.


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And of course all the others in our collection

Shenanigans – things you could normally do with complicated methods are now here on Pet’la Plate’s Shenanigans. Drops of blood, a part of a newspaper article, pattern of leopards – you choose.

Pet'la Plate nail art stamping plates

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Geomatrix – elegant geometry forms, design of our guest artist


Pet'la Plate Geomatrix

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Wishes 2 – the most popular images right from Your ideas (vol. 2.)

Pet'la Plate Wishes 2

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Texty text – send messages on your nails, design of our guest artist

Pet'la Plate Texty Text

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Basic 1 – modern and elegant, clear patterns

Pet'la Plate Basic 1

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Peacock 2 consists of dainty, elegant patterns, inspired by peacock feather and dream catcher

Pet'la Plate Peacock 2

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Dandelion 2 contains droll and jolly patterns from the lightbulb to the birds sitting on a power wire, this second edition is made by the best patterns of Dandelion 1 and Hours plates

Pet'la Plate Dandelion 2

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Feathers is a special, unconventional plate from map to birds, fingerprints to QR code

Pet'la Plate Feathers

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